Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goals and Gratitude

One of the more powerful parts of Life Success is the BE - Do - Have. The Being is that which you are. Doing is the natural expression of the actions of who you are. Having is the willingness to have what you have created by doing who you are. The challenge for me is to answer the question, "Am I willing to have what I want?"

This thanksgiving time is a definite opportunity to reflect on our willingness to Have what we want. Thankfulness, or being full of thanks is the most powerful force for creating what we want. Gratitude is an affirmation of who we are (our being) and appreciation of actions (doing) of ourselves and others.

As you work on your goals, reflect on the question, "Am I willing to have ......(the goal)?" "What actions require that I have ....(outcome of the goal)?" Living in faith would have each of us to say, "I am grateful that I am (result of the goal). for example, "I am grateful that I am healthy and thinner".