Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Freedom from… Freedom to become….

What is the difference between people who are able to pick themselves up and get over life’s problems and those who are not?

This question was put to Viktor Frankl in an interview during the mid 1980’s. His response was “The decisive factor is decision, the freedom of choice, the freedom to come up with a decision.”

Our ultimate freedom lies in our capacity to choose! Many believe they are victim of circumstances, heredity, and childhood experience and wait to see what happens. As a result the world changes them on a day to day basis. Our freedom of choice allows each one of use to act freely as a responsible being, which is a human being rather than a thing. Every one of us has the power to change and make a difference in our world. Each has the capacity to choose light over darkness; or “choosing to create value” in all things. All of us have something valuable to give to others.

Each one of us can choose to be extraordinary and passionate rather than being ordinary and passive. Too often we only want to let go of those things that we consider negative in our lives. When we give up the negative things, we seem to keep having it return to us; give up or give out the gifts that are in your possession! Giving in love multiplies and returns in kind. Each one of us can stand up rather than stepping down or back. We have the choice to change the world or continue to allow the world of circumstance, heredity to change us. Step up and forward, claim your right to you personal power! ~ Russ ~