Monday, July 4, 2011

The Universe Rewards Action!

“The world belongs to the energetic.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s easy to blame our failure to meet our goals or to live our dream lives on a lack of energy, and we don’t always stop to think about the quality of energy in our lives. Yet we can choose to create and manage our own energy flow.
Think of an instance when you’ve been so involved in an activity that you’ve lost track of time, and then identity the passions and energies you were feeding. Who was there with you? What were you doing? What will you do to make time for moments like that one more often?
(Julia E)

This is an easy one!  The instance I think of is doing the training that Pat and I began over 23 years ago.  It has become known as Freedom Seminars.  Currently we present the training in 5 days.  During that time participants learn more of their purpose and meaning.  The exercises require great effort, honesty and trust.  The five days often to seem to be many more, as if we have been there for ever; and by the end of the time it as if we just arrived and don't want to leave.  Each participant is stretched to a level they have never gone and discover the presence of energy within themselves never imagined before.  We are with people that seek love, joy and peace that discover it in a new and powerful way.  Currently we are planning to present more of these trainings over the next several years!

The Universe Rewards Actions.

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