Friday, July 15, 2011

Inspiration that came after the Big Dream

“The arts and inventions of each period are only its costume, and do not invigorate men.” Emerson
Think of the last time that you thought, said, or did something that was original. What inspired or invigorated this? (Michael Brajkovich)

The last bit of inspiration was today.  While seeking a place for a healing workshop for individuals experienced losses because of the May 22 Tornado in Joplin, I discovered there were no sleeping rooms or facilities available due to the overwhelming demand for the huge influx of workers to help with the clean-up and reconstruction.  The city had the feel of a boom town.  One individual suggested a camp and retreat facility about 10 miles away.  The first visit to the facility allowed us to see some possibilities.  Based on our format for workshops the spaces available were marginally useful.  The manager suggested a return visit the following day after the current users had checked out.  When we arrived at noon today, we were able to explore all of the spaces.

The typical workshops we have presented in the past were for adults.  The concept of meeting needs, then preparing to meet the need was clear and loud in my mind.  Those who had lost so much, especially the kids could likely experience anxiety when their parents were gone for the three days of the workshop.  Then it 'hit' me!  This place was set up for families! Bring the kids!  I can create some positive activities that will help the kids too!  The additional costs would be minimal; it give an opportunity for more people to have ways to help the families that have lost so much.

If you would like to join in sponsoring this event that will be held November 11-13 contact me or Freedom Seminars .  Help is needed, it is so much bigger that one person.

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