Sunday, July 17, 2011

Will vs. Self-will

The inspiration for this writing came from a comment from a group member recently. 

On of the greatest attributes I have is my power of choice.  It resides in each of us.  I recall a study conducted about 35 years ago which measured the capacity of profoundly retarded residents to have a preference or choice in a state mental institution.  The study sought to determine if the residents had a preference for music.  The results indicated that even these folks preferred a particular type of music. (email me for the type of music)

Will is the vital aspect of our capacity to love or to anger without condition.  However it is easy to defend our right to choose in such a way that we would rather be right about a belief or behavior that is self-defeating or harmful. At times this determination is so strong that on makes "rightness" the 'higher power.'  It can take to form of needing to know everything, leaving little room for mystery, surprise and excitement.  This need to know is easily perceived as the higher power.

I can choose to surrender my knowing to the 'higher power' in the form of living without knowing the future.  Not meaning that I become mindless, but even more mindful of the here and now; living in the present.  Surrender for me is the yielding of my will to God.  Trusting the creator to know more than I; caring for me even more that I care for myself; believing that the creator didn't make junk and wanted me to live in abundance.

This support group of individuals are working on specific life areas that have been difficult to manage.  Although it isn't a 12 Step program, it utilizes the wisdom from these programs.  The first three steps address the issue of 'will'; 1) admission of being powerless over ______ - that my life has become unmanageable, 2) believing that a power greater than myself can restore sanity, and 3) a decision to turn my will and life over to the care of God as I understand.

I believe my greatest power comes forth when I choose to being open to the presence of the power that is greater than me.


  1. Yes and amen. When I'm trying so hard it reminds of the saying, "Straining at a gnat and swallowing a fly." I try to work on a one little bitty piece to the exclusion of the greater picture. It is when I have totally taken my hands off and said, "OK, God, I've made my agreements with myself and you, now remind me when I'm off course. I'm walking in your power today, not my own."

    Something about that is very empowering to me.